Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SEO opportunities in Blog

Been so lucky to read a lot of articles regarding SEO opportunities through blog.

I know there are thousand of blogger you can find in UK. It quite know to other but to some its new to them.

But one top blogger in UK really emphasize about this.
" First let me say that this list of UK bloggers has NOT been created for you to go and SPAM your press releases to. Please read this post by one of the bloggers who I had included in this list but have since edited out.

Please understand that blogs are not the same as traditional media and some bloggers couldn’t care less about your clients’ news. They just want to be left in peace. Please respect that.

And if your dumb ass still wants to send a spammy press release to these people, I will not be held responsible if you, your agency or your client is mangled online. And believe me, it won’t be the first time it’s happened. "

Hopefully all blogger would understand this.

Thank you!